Friday, May 16, 2014

Graham turns 5!

Hey Graham Fans!  Happy Birthday to me!  We are up to August '13 when I turned 5!!!  What a great month!  Mom made me include a pic from gymnastics.  In August, I was the only one in my class so it was like I had private lessons.  In the pic I am doing a pull over on the bar. 

My birthday celebrations started with my family party.  I actually had a tee ball game that morning.  Grampa and Susan were there.  Grandma came to watch me too.  As you can imagine they were very impressed!  After the game, everyone else started showing up at the house - Aunt Deb and family, Nanny, and Uncle Greg.  Everyone had lunch, then it was present time!!!  I got some cool things including a remote control car, a bull dozer, an Oliver tractor shirt, and an Optimus Prime.  My theme was Rescue Bots so my cake had a couple of Transformers on it.  Overall it was lots of fun!!

For my actual birthday, I got to open my presents in the morning. I got a Rescue Bot, some blocks, books and a new scooter!  Mom, Caroline, and I headed out for some birthday adventures at the Playscape in Jester Park.  The water feature was closed so we headed to Big Creek Beach which had a HUGE play set.  There were quite a few kids, but it was really fun anyway.  We also played in the water some.  Caroline and I really liked it.  Frankly, we didn't want to leave.  Mom was concerned there might be too many chemicals in the lake from runoff.  When Dad got home, we went out to eat.  All in all it was a fun day!
 The partying continued! I had a friend party August 9.  We put a big sheet of plastic on the side hill in the yard and made a big water slide!  It was so fun.  I loved it!  We also filled the pool.  It was a fun party!  Not everyone was brave enough to slide down our hill.  Ethan (from across the street) and I went down a bunch!  Below is my best buddy Michael.  We go to school together and his birthday is in August too! 

I love my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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